Eco-Hypocrites Rejoice! It is “Earth Day”!

Eco-Hypocrites Rejoice!  It is “Earth Day”!

April 22, 2022

The eco-left woke up this morning particularly feisty.  After all, today is “Earth Day”, a celebration of our giant sphere, and also a 24-hour period set aside to warn about its so-called fragility.

This year’s theme, for those of you not keeping track, is “Invest in Our Planet.”  We should be investing billions of dollars to responsibly develop American resource prospects and projects.  We should be investing in our people, creating American energy jobs instead of shipping them overseas to Communist China, Putin’s Russia or Taliban-led Afghanistan.

By now the radical environmentalists reading this are yelling, “that’s not what we mean!”  However, let’s remember that – at least in Alaska – 99% of the “Earth Day” celebrants will be doing so with near-complete hypocrisy.

Let’s explain.

From the moment they woke up this morning, they used fossil fuels and mined materials in nearly everything they did.  The electricity that powered their alarms and lights in their homes, the source of their hot water in their showers, the titanium in their shaver blades, the microwave or stove or refrigerator that was used in their breakfast, the clothing they put on, the phone or computer they checked their emails and “Earth Day” missives on, and almost every other event so far today?  Yup, each came from the industries they hate so much.

And it will continue. When they protest the extractive industries today, they’ll do so using technologies, equipment and more that are made from the very sources they despise.  They’ll celebrate “Earth Day” and warn of imminent and irreversible harm to the planet, never mentioning how nearly every creature comfort they enjoy is there because of their despised activities.

So as the wildlife-above-human-life, damn-those-development-companies, just-transition-now, leave-it-in-the-ground, existential-threat-of-climate-change eco-warriors rage against the extractive machine today, let’s continue to remind them of how silly, stupid and hypocritical they are…and not just on “Earth Day”, but each and every day.