Eco-Extremists Outraged Climate Change is Left Off Tonight’s Debate List

Eco-Extremists Outraged Climate Change is Left Off Tonight’s Debate List

September 29, 2020

Tonight, President Donald Trump and Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden will tee off their first presidential debate.

According to The Washington Post:

Chris Wallace, who will be questioning President Trump and former vice president Joe Biden, has declined to make the rise in global temperatures a topic of discussion Tuesday evening, despite surveys showing it is a growing concern for those going to the polls on Nov. 3 — at least among Democratic voters.

Instead the Fox News host has indicated he will ask the candidates about the Supreme Court, the coronavirus pandemic, the economy, election integrity, and “race and violence in our cities.” 

As you can expect, eco-extremists are outraged that the global pandemic, economy and racial violence took precedence over the climate debate. A September survey by Quinnipiac University found, “11 percent of likely Democratic voters said climate change was their top concern — comparable to health care and the Supreme Court. The top issue was the coronavirus.”

In both the Quinnipiac and Marist surveys, only 1 percent of GOP voters named climate as their top issue. Younger Americans in general are more concerned about climate change than older generations, the polls found.  

The eco-left has created an echo chamber around the fact that climate change should be a top priority. Yet the American people have spoken and the current pandemic, economic crisis, healthcare, and countless other issues our country is looking to address are more important to them to fix.

The radical left should look to address the problems most pressing to the people they represent instead of pushing the agendas of celebrities and coastal elites.