Dunleavy Continues with “Alaska is Open for Business” Dialogue at Vancouver’s ‘Roundup’

Dunleavy Continues with “Alaska is Open for Business” Dialogue at Vancouver’s ‘Roundup’

January 21, 2020

When Alaska’s Governor Michael Dunleavy announced “Alaska is open for business” at his first public appearance following his election, the hundreds of attendees at the 2019 Alaska Miners Association convention gave him a rousing ovation.

Working in conjunction with state, local and federal officials and agencies, Dunleavy spent his first year helping to streamline regulatory environments, advocate for new business in technology, resource development and service industries and engage leaders in Alaska’s key existing business lines.

The response from Alaska’s resource development producers has generally been positive to the Governor’s efforts, as exploration and investment activities – from NPR-A leasing to permitting to North Slope test wells have seen bullish responses.

As the Governor and key cabinet members focus on the ‘Roundup’ event in Vancouver, BC, Canada this week, here’s hoping the 6500+ attendees hear loudly and clearly that Alaska is not listening to the narrative of fear that eco-extremists are pitching to anyone who will listen.

Quite the opposite, Alaska’s energy community needs more workers, more opportunities and more resources allocated to it, so that Alaskan families and communities can benefit from our state’s amazing extraction opportunities.  Those are jobs Power The Future will continue to advocate for, fighting for Alaksa against radical environmentalists and the out-of-state wealthy ideologues who fund them.