Do As I Say

Do As I Say

April 2, 2018

Energy- abundant, reliable, inexpensive, domestic (!)- has made our lives much better. Our achievements in medicine, in agriculture, in transportation are all dependent on the millions of hard working men and women who work in our energy industry. Power The Future will always celebrate that!

An interesting piece in today’s Huffington Post calls out the hypocrisy of the anti-energy academics who decry the dangers of energy but then fly around the world to deliver these remarks at conferences. Hypocrisy is a constant theme we see in these folks, and we’ve pointed it out frequently since we started only 6 weeks ago. We’re happy to see others pointing it out, too.

Ultimately, all Americans are grateful to the millions of people working hard across the country in the energy industry. What they do allows us to have wonderful, prosperous lives. We like our modern conveniences: 39 million Americans bark orders at smart speakers. We like our imported wines, consuming nearly $6 billion of various imported vintages in 2016. And, like these academics, we enjoy travel. The global travels and tourism industry was worth $7.6 trillion (yes, trillion) in 2016.

So to all you Academics headed to the next big Paris conference where you will blast energy workers: While you’re at home packing your bags shouting “Alexa! Play Edith Piaf!” and pouring yourself a glass of Cotes du Rhone, while booking your hotel in the Latin Quarter… remember the energy worker is making it all possible. And if you believe these energy workers are doing harm to the world, then be intellectually honest and consistent with your beliefs: don’t go to Paris. Use Skype.

But then I guess Skype doesn’t have pate as good as Paris….