Destructive Climate Protests Funded By Deep Pockets

Destructive Climate Protests Funded By Deep Pockets

October 25, 2022

Climate protests have been increasing in intensity over the past few years. No longer are groups just protesting congressional offices. They’re taking it increasingly to the extreme by blocking interstates, throwing food on priceless art, and gluing themselves to anything and everything. There is nothing the eco-left won’t do to get you to pay them attention. 

In the past two weeks, food has even been thrown in European museums. The Guardian reports. 

“On Friday, two young activists from the Just Stop Oil group entered the gallery, opened two tins of Heinz tomato soup, and hurled them over the painting, which is protected by a pane of glass. As onlookers exclaimed “Oh my gosh!”, the activists glued themselves to the wall beneath the painting.” 

These acts of eco-terrorism are being funded by celebrities and the super-rich. Ironically, one heiress funding these attacks got her family money because of oil. 

These striking protests are even more remarkable in that they have been funded in part by an oil heiress. Aileen Getty, a philanthropist whose grandfather was the tycoon J Paul Getty, co-founded the Climate Emergency Fund and has gifted it $1m to be used by activists. Among thousands of other smaller donors to the fund, several other prominent figures have made major contributions – Abigail Disney, scion of the Disney family, has given $200,000 and Adam McKay, director of the darkly satirical climate film Don’t Look Up, has pledged $4m.” 

The money will be used to pay and train group members to continue their acts of terror. The Climate Emergency Fund has said they are not stopping, and more are coming. 

 PTF Founder Daniel Turner joined Fox Business this summer to discuss environmental protesters and their extreme tactics.  

“I think they [protestors] do more harm than good. But it’s kind of standard for the environmental left. They have to use theatrics and drama and do these very self-absorb actions to get people to pay attention.” 

Climate protests worldwide are lacking common sense and crossing the line. Our leaders should denounce this destruction, but instead, they stay quiet.