Dems Inevitable 2020 Civil War

Dems Inevitable 2020 Civil War

December 5, 2018

If you want further proof that the radical, environmentalist left has taken over the Democrat party, look no further than Michael Bloomberg’s trip to Iowa yesterday.

If you haven’t heard, the former NYC Mayor and now one of the biggest Democrat megadonors is considering a run for President. Just this week he published an op-ed in the Des Moines Register with an oblique reference to his candidacy, saying that “aspiring presidential candidates” should “present a bold vision for taking on climate change.”

And what was Bloomberg doing in Iowa exactly? Pulling an Al Gore and releasing his very own climate change movie.

But the activists on the left were having none of Bloomberg’s copycat stunt.

In fact, Bloomberg’s speech was “met by a wave of left-wing protestors” who interrupted his talk by attacking Bloomberg for his history of investing in the oil industry. “Iowa Student Action,” a far-left environmentalist college group, explicitly attacked Bloomberg for his “role in accelerating climate change.”

To these extremists, even a politician who supports an admittedly terrible carbon tax is worthy of protest.

So, if the UN Special Envoy on Climate Change is not good enough for Iowa, just imagine how they will react when they realize climate change high priest Tom Steyer made millions investing in coal.  Truly no one is pure enough to serve in the climate change temple.

Far-left environmentalists have taken over the left, and even one of the Democratic Party’s biggest donors has become a target. It’s not a great start for Michael Bloomberg’s dream of becoming president.