Day Six: 12 Days of Biden’s War on American Energy

Day Six: 12 Days of Biden’s War on American Energy

December 18, 2023

Throughout the Biden Administration, American families have dealt with skyrocketing inflation. This is thanks to Biden’s War on American Energy, and it affects families throughout the year, especially around the holidays. 

In the past three years, inflation rose to a 41-year high at 9.1%, marking the fastest growth of inflation since the 1980s. Our President is playing his usual blame game and blaming anyone and everyone but his administration and its policies. The Biden/Harris administration has continually attacked the American energy sector and blamed producers for higher prices. 

But the real problem is that the administration’s policies make new energy investment nearly impossible. All the while, hard-working families are dealing with the consequences, and Biden is pretending like nothing is happening. Energy touches every facet of our economy and Biden’s relentless war on the industry is only helping his eco-left donors. 

As 2023 ends and we look ahead to 2024, Americans are more aware of about the critical role energy plays in our lives. In 2024 we hope to see a president who has a plan to bring back American energy independence because working families deserve a President who will put them ahead of the failed green agenda. In 2024 energy is on the ballot.