Climate Alarmists are a Miserable Bunch

Climate Alarmists are a Miserable Bunch

January 24, 2022

Quick!  Someone get the eco-left the lyrics to Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

Reading through a plethora of emails from this week, courtesy of Alaska’s leading environmental organizations, paints a picture that is downright depressing. 

In each of the six, the words ‘dread’, ‘worry’, ‘concern’ and ‘alarm’ were prevalent.  What’s happening to Alaska’s wildlife is ‘a crisis,’ they allege, brought on by the impact to the climate from extractive activities. 

Without action, Alaska will ‘disintegrate before our eyes’, and let’s not overlook the fact that Alaskans everywhere are ‘hurting’, ‘in pain’, ‘crying for help’, and my personal favorite, ‘nearing the end of our collective rope’.

In short, the extremists writing those emails are a dismal bunch, not to mention mistaken and misguided.

If anyone should be feeling angst, it is the hard-working men and women in Alaska’s energy industry, whose livelihoods have been under constant attack from those organizations, like-minded ideologues, and our federal leadership for the past year. 

But you don’t see emails from those men and women.  They’re too busy working – in spite of the demonization from these environmental groups – to feed their families, bring resources to market in a responsible manner and make a better collective life for all Alaskans.

The bottom line: The energy produced by these hard-working men and women is so critical, even the drama-filled, despondent environmental zealots use it.