Build The Pipeline

Build The Pipeline

August 17, 2018

Keystone XL- ten years in the making- is getting blocked yet again. And it is not a victory for the American people.

National Resources Defense Council, an organization under investigation by members of Congress for their deep connections to China, is taking a victory lap.  After all, they are funded to prevent America from achieving energy dominance, something which would significantly weaken China’s position in global politics, so any effort by protesters or activists judges is a win for them.

Is it a win for the American people?  No.  The growing and robust American economy has increased demand for energy, and with stronger sanctions in Iran and chaos in Venezuela, gas prices have risen quickly.  Who does this impact the most?  The poor.  Not the NRDC whose senior leadership earns an average annual salary exceeding $215,000, more than four times the national average.

Is it a win for the environment?  No.  Even the Obama Administration found no reason to stop the pipeline. Granted, the President never mustered the courage to sign the authorization, and conveniently came out opposed during the 2016 campaign season, but that doesn’t deny the environmental safeguards. It has been well documented that pipelines are better for the earth than rail, truck or ship.

So if protecting the earth is your goal, this is pigheaded. If helping the American people (especially the poor) is your goal, this is pigheaded.

If doing the bidding of a foreign agent is your goal, then congratulations, NRDC.