Breaking from England

Breaking from England

June 18, 2018

In the non-profit media publication PRI, world reporter Carolyn Beeler writes about England’s plan to move beyond coal. No doubt there are a few things the UK has which America could use, like those six-person taxis with the fold-down seats. And clotted cream. Heck, our love of England is so great we speak their language. We even said goodbye to Meghan Markle.

But when it comes to energy policy, let’s celebrate our Revolution and declare ourselves independent from their nonsense.

England has given up its coal industry, but this piece ostensibly omits a burning question that every well-reasoned person should ask: what are the costs?

Funny, Ms. Beeler doesn’t mention that deaths from the cold temperatures in the UK are at an all time high because of expensive energy. People are… quite literally… dying. But yeah, no more coal… (claps quietly, looks around the room, stops clapping).

Ms. Beeler also omitted the fact that the UK is at a 10-year high on electricity costs nationwide. Yikes. That’s an inconvenient truth… We support renewable energy, and welcome the use of wind when it’s the most effective and efficient energy solution available, but this wholesale switch to wind without regard to whether or not there is any wind… that’s just stupidity.

So how will England supplement its energy needs? Surely London’s Eye needs to turn. Will it turn to oil from the Scandinavian nations? Will it buy natural gas from the USA, now the world’s #1 energy exporter? Or will it turn to Putin and buy Russian natural gas? Because just saying “no more coal” does not answer the dilemma. This isn’t a diet.

We don’t begrudge Ms. Wheeler her incomplete article. We just point out intentions aren’t sufficient criteria when determining energy policies. If Ms. Beeler wants to talk more she can reach us at