Big tech’s environmental activism just a front?

Big tech’s environmental activism just a front?

October 3, 2019

The Eco-left is outraged that tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Google are willing to do business with the oil and gas industry.

Tech giants continue to compete with one another to penetrate this large consumer market and to strike lucrative partnerships. In many cases, these tech companies are supplying artificial intelligence tools for pinpointing better drilling sports or speeding up refinery production along with data storage.

But apparently providing quality services at a reasonable price in the free market is a mortal sin to the leftists.

The New York Post reports lefties are upset tech companies are helping energy companies, apparently unaware of the millions of Americans employed directly or indirectly, not to mention all the plastic, gasoline and other energy industry outputs that make tech products possible.

From the article:

“It is unconscionable that amid global climate protests, tech giants like Microsoft are announcing major partnerships with Big Oil,” said Democratic presidential candidate and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, in a tweet that coincided with the September 20 global climate strike. “We must hold them accountable, demand they break ties with the fossil fuel industry and move rapidly to sustainable energy.”

Echoing that message was a small group of Microsoft employees who carried cardboard signs to a lunchtime protest that day outside of Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington. “No Azure For Oil,” said one of the signs.

The eco-left is so deranged that they are going after companies that even do business within the energy sector. It seems almost no idea is too zealous and jobs of any industry are nothing to the environmentalist left.