Biden’s Energy Failure Delivers 40-Year High Inflation

Biden’s Energy Failure Delivers 40-Year High Inflation

February 10, 2022

This morning the January 2022 Consumer Price Index was released and showed the inflation rate reached 7.5%, the highest in 40 decades.

Even President Biden couldn’t ignore the burden his poor policies have inflicted on the American people. FOX News reports, “President Biden responded to the latest Consumer Price Index report with an admission that Americans are hurting as a result of price increases not seen in decades, but he remained optimistic that the problem will be resolved before 2023.”

Power The Future Founder and Executive Director Daniel Turner weighed in on the 40-year record high inflation rate, “With inflation soaring ever higher, the time is now to increase energy supply, and not from foreign adversaries who wish us harm, but from all the domestic sources that helped America achieve energy independence. Sadly, the policies of the Biden Administration have served as a proverbial boot on the throat of our energy industry. It’s no coincidence that while oil and gas reserves are at their lowest, inflation is at its highest. Five dollars a gallon for gas is on our horizon, and many middle-class families are stretching to pay drastically higher heating bills. The clueless responses from President Biden aren’t working: begging OPEC to increase foreign output while doing everything in his power to shackle proud American producers who could offer much-needed relief.”

Inflation is a pain felt by the entire country. Higher prices at the pump, higher prices for groceries at check out, and higher energy household bills are something every American is resonating with right now. The Biden administration should reflect on the tremendous negative impacts their ill-informed policies have caused American citizens.