Biden’s Department of Energy Tells Americans How to Prepare Their Homes for Blackouts

Biden’s Department of Energy Tells Americans How to Prepare Their Homes for Blackouts

May 25, 2022

As if two straight weeks of record-high gasoline prices wasn’t tough enough for the American people, now the Biden administration is telling them to prepare their homes for blackouts. Last week, the nation’s power grid monitor, the North American Electricity Reliability Corporation (NERC), issued a dire warning that large regions of the country should expect blackouts this summer. The Midwest, Texas, and California look to be the hardest hit.

One of the main reasons for the blackouts this Summer: decreased reliance on reliable fossil fuel energy. The green agenda’s reach is now influencing our power mix and the result is less power. E&E News reports: “Grid operators are dealing with an increasing reliance on intermittent resources like wind and solar as coal units retire and the reliability and emissions of gas resources comes under scrutiny.”

Following that dire warning, Biden’s Department of Energy published a blog post entitled, “How to Prepare Your Home for a Blackout.” Instead of taking steps to unleash American energy and help address the lack of power, the Biden administration wants to tell you to “have sustainably sourced disposable utensils and dinnerware on hand so you do not need to use water to wash dishes.”   

Biden’s war on American energy is having its desired effect. Gasoline prices are through the roof and now communities can look forward to a lack of electricity during the hottest days of the year. Blackouts are no trivial matter. People lose their lives because of power outages during heat waves and cold snaps. President Biden and his administration are going to need a lot more than a blog post to explain why they decided to pull the plug on American energy.