Biden’s Climate Corps Jobs are Paying Less Than $15/hr

Biden’s Climate Corps Jobs are Paying Less Than $15/hr

June 14, 2024

The American Climate Corps (ACC) program aims to employ 20,000 young Americans to fight the impacts of “climate change” and gain skills to join the clean energy workforce. The program, totaling $8 billion, is another ploy by the Biden administration to push their eco-left agenda and indoctrinate young Americans at the expense of taxpayers. Most of the postings pay under $12 per hour, a far cry from the $15 minimum wage that the champions of ACC have previously advocated for. 

Just the News  reports on one job positing that the main tasks are cooking and gardening:

“An AgCorps organics, apiary, and nursery specialist with the Montana Department of Agriculture, in Helena, Montana, which pays $13.60 per hour, purportedly ‘fights climate change’ by completing various tasks in support of an organics program.” Other position’s tasks within the Department include, “taste tests, educational activities, cooking and gardening lessons.” 

On the other hand, the oil and gas industry brings in billions in revenue, supports almost 10 million American jobs, and provides the United States with energy independence that ensures our national security. Fossil fuel jobs pay $133,601 on average, with 20% filled by women. We can’t understand why this administration wants to take away high-paying jobs that provide stable energy for our country and replace them with low-paying jobs that involve gardening lessons. Something is not adding up here. 

Power The Future Communications Director Larry Behrens sums it up best, 

“It doesn’t matter if it’s $7 billion for only seven EV chargers, or less than $15 for a campus climate agitator, Joe Biden’s climate spending never adds up. Someone is getting rich off the billions Biden keeps shoveling into these green schemes and our families are the ones who must pay the bill.”