Biden Wants to Overhaul the System in the Name of Climate Change

Biden Wants to Overhaul the System in the Name of Climate Change

September 28, 2020

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has progressively moved farther and farther left throughout the campaign trail. But, he may have finally reached his most radical point. Whether it’s the economy, international relations, government regulation or society in general, Biden is determined to frame everything in terms of climate policy.

The “moderate” Biden from 2019 is long gone, and he’s fully committed to swaying as many “Bernie bros” as possible. The Wall Street Journal reports

The Democratic nominee seeks not just mass use of electric cars, as California’s governor mandated last week, but further changes across the economy, government and society: Electrified public and freight transportation, power plants running without greenhouse-gas emissions, and the placement of climate concerns at the center of social policies and diplomacy.

Some still want to call Biden more moderate than the Democratic nominees who have since dropped out of the presidential race, but the numbers don’t lie – neither does his $2 trillion climate plan. This is more than 10 times what President Barack Obama pledged to spend in a comparable proposal from his 2008 campaign.

Not surprisingly, Biden plans on paying for his climate overhaul with tax increases on corporations and the wealthy. But, even he doesn’t have some of the specifics worked out.

Electricity-transmission bottlenecks are one of the biggest obstacles to more wind- and solar-power development. Mr. Biden promises a build out of the country’s grid and moves to ease red tape on federal permits and to help utilities pay to increase capacity. He doesn’t detail what those changes would cost or how they would be paid for.

It’s clear that Biden’s priority isn’t finding solutions to literal obstacles standing in the way of his policy proposals – just a loud demonstration to convince eco-left voters that they can trust him.