Biden Is Only Becoming More Progressive

Biden Is Only Becoming More Progressive

July 6, 2020

Throughout his 2020 presidential campaign, Vice President Joe Biden has become more and more progressive with his energy policies. He has flip-flopped on many issues, including the ban of fracking, showing how easy it is to influence and control the Democratic presidential nominee.

During the beginning of Biden’s campaign, many Democratic voters were worried that his policies would not be progressive enough. Now, with only four months until November, Biden is working hard to win progressives over and demonstrate his willingness to move even farther left. In the past few weeks, Biden’s environmental task force has proposed bold recommendations for the 2020 presidential candidate’s policy platform. According to Earth Info Now:

Those goals, according to three people familiar with the task force’s decisions, include committing to seeing the United States’ electricity sector powered fully by renewable energy by 2035 and a rapid transition to energy-efficient buildings. They also seek a Day 1 promise to begin developing new vehicle efficiency standards — and to include labor unions in the discussions — to replace and improve upon the Obama administration measures that President Trump has weakened.

This all comes after Biden’s controversial fracking ban announcement back in March.

Mr. Biden, during a pointed exchange with Mr. Sanders on the debate stage in March, declared “no new fracking,” some allies were alarmed, including former Gov. Edward G. Rendell, who said he called the campaign to voice concern.

The energy industry, like many other industries, has been hurt by the coronavirus pandemic. The last thing our country needs is a President who is creating energy policies just to appease young, radical progressives. The U.S. needs a candidate we can trust to make informed decisions and not be easily swayed – Biden has shown, time and time again, he is not that candidate.