Biden Administration Doubles Down on Water Heater Regulations

Biden Administration Doubles Down on Water Heater Regulations

May 3, 2024

Throughout the past four years, the Biden administration has stormed through our homes and threatened unnecessary regulations on many household appliances. This week it was announced the Department of Energy (DOE) had finalized regulations on water heaters.

The Daily Caller reports, 

“The DOE’s final energy efficiency regulations for water heaters will apply to common electrical water heaters and significantly increase the share of those models that use heat pumps, according to the agency. The DOE has spearheaded the Biden administration’s efforts to push rules and regulations targeting appliances ranging from pool pump motors and lightbulbs to furnaces and portable generators.”

Throughout his time as president, Biden’s executive branch has targeted dishwashers, gas stoves, air conditioners, gas furnaces and gas-powered cars, even though these changes will cost American families thousands of dollars. 

“While the DOE considers models with heat pumps to be an important part of decarbonizing America’s building stock, those particular models tend to cost about $1,000 more up front than some alternatives and do not work as well in cold climates, according to Forbes.”

As November creeps closer, we are waiting to see what new drastic move Biden will make in desperation for the eco-left vote.