Bernie Sanders Proposes Eco Policy Worse Than The Green New Deal

Bernie Sanders Proposes Eco Policy Worse Than The Green New Deal

April 18, 2019

By now, you know that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal represents one of the most dangerous policies ever proposed. It would destroy the energy industry, bankrupt our nation, force a government takeover of healthcare, pay people unwilling to work, and require unprecedented government control over our lives.

If you thought that was bad, Senator Bernie Sanders’ environmental plan is even worse.

This week, Sanders rolled out his environmental plan, and he now can lay claim to having the most extreme and far-left plan on the market.

First, Sanders says that he will pass a Green New Deal. He would force all of the well-documented negatives of that plan on our country.

But then he goes even further.

He calls for banning fracking and keeping conventional energy “in the ground.” He even calls for an export ban of coal, natural gas and crude oil.

That would be cataclysmic to the US economy. Just when the US is finally on the verge of energy independence and competing on the world stage with energy giants like Saudi Arabia and Russia, Bernie Sanders is proposing devastating American companies. Making it illegal to sell energy abroad would instantly throw countless people out of work. And it would empower foreign nations at our expense, who will undoubtedly continue to produce.

Energy would still be extracted, but America would lose out.

It’s no surprise that a socialist like Bernie Sanders would lead the left with such an extreme plan. But with good polling numbers and the strongest campaign cash haul of any on the left, Sanders has a real chance of actually winning the nomination.

That should scare anyone who cares about America’s economic strength. Hopefully, the leftists come to their senses and see that destroying the American economy should not be part of any plan for the future.