Baltimore Renewable Energy Goals Mean Higher Prices for Residents’ Bills

Baltimore Renewable Energy Goals Mean Higher Prices for Residents’ Bills

March 26, 2020

A major component of the eco-left’s argument for an extreme shift to renewable energy focuses on the benefits for the lower levels of society, especially in terms of cost. However, corruption and incompetence in Baltimore have unveiled an inconvenient truth, that green energy prices are rising.

According to the Baltimore Post Examiner, “In some cases, deceptive marketing tactics from renewable energy companies have already sent residents bills soaring by as much as 50 to 75 percent.

The city of Baltimore recently filed a lawsuit demanding reparations from oil companies for their contributions to global warming, despite similar suits begin dismissed in other parts of the country. Federal judges have ruled that climate change policy does not fall under the jurisdiction of the courts and the conduct of these companies was “not unreasonable because everyone has benefitted from fossil fuels.”

Meanwhile, radical environmentalists and green energy have done little to alleviate the burden of energy costs; over thirty percent of American households still have trouble paying energy bills. 

Progressive activists with high levels of education and income might easily absorb such financial hits however families who already struggle can’t afford another increase. And shaking down oil companies in court, the highly ambitious Green New Deal, and layers of regulations and mandates in the energy sector will mean higher prices for individuals living in these communities.


Whether climate activists can accept it or not, America’s energy producers have helped power emissions and are part of the climate change solution. As natural gas resources have come on line, utility bills have come down saving Americans over 1 trillion dollars over the last ten years while reducing emissions.

These frivolous lawsuits serve merely as distractions from eco-left’s impotent policies and exacerbate the political divide plaguing America. Instead of continuing their war on fossil fuels the left should work on solutions in tandem with the very industry providing millions of energy jobs across the country and trillions of dollars in revenue to the American economy.