ANWR Lease Sale Completed: 11 Tracts Awarded to Bidders

ANWR Lease Sale Completed: 11 Tracts Awarded to Bidders

January 6, 2021

It may not have generated the money hoped for when ANWR was opened by Congress in 2017, but today’s successful completion of the first lease sale in the 1002 area of the refuge will one day bring jobs to Alaskans and revenues to local, state and federal coffers.

Today’s announcement that eleven tracts of land on the western half of the 1002 area were bid on was historical on many levels.

There is much work to be done before oil from ANWR flows down the Trans-Alaska Pipeline to Valdez.  Given the radical “green” (read, anti-jobs) agenda being pushed on America by the upcoming administration, nothing is imminent, and the road forward will be difficult to navigate for the bidders.

But, America needs ANWR to help secure its domestic energy supply.  The world will need oil and gas for decades, in spite of what eco-extremists incessantly.  So much of the world’s goods are made up of petroleum products, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

So, let’s celebrate the Bureau of Land Management today, for completing what some said would never be done: a successful leasing of ANWR’s 1002 lands.  The men and women who will one day work in the area will do so because of their efforts, as well as the leadership of Congressman Don Young, Senators Murkowski and Sullivan, and President Trump.