America’s Energy Independence Has the Fracking Industry to Thank

America’s Energy Independence Has the Fracking Industry to Thank

January 14, 2020

Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing techniques have turned the U.S. from a nation dependent on imported oil to a net exporter and the world’s single largest producer of oil and gas. The industry supports millions of American jobs and generated $180 billion in revenue last year.

Yet, climate activists and the far-left have made it a part of their green agenda to tear down the thriving industry entirely without weighing the real impacts the ban would have on the country and Americans nationwide.

USA Today reports:

Any effort to block the flow of oil would probably just have the effect of boosting U.S. market share, making the United States even more economically powerful.

That’s not just bad news for Iran. It also weakens the hand of Saudi Arabia, which has gone from jihad-encouraging frenemy to a nervous ally as it faces Iran across the Persian Gulf, while its power over the United States is also reduced.

Fracking also drastically undercuts the power of Vladimir Putin, whose economic leverage depends on Russian oil and gas exports.

The shale boom has brought economic prosperity to the U.S. and secured a domestic supply of oil that reshaped geopolitics, positioning the U.S. as an energy independent nation with diplomatic influence and security.

The eco-left’s proposal to ban fracking would take the country back a decade in global diplomacy and destroy more than 14 million jobs, according to a report from the US Chamber of Commerce.

So, the question is, why?