American Energy Workers Continue to Keep Lights on Across the Country

American Energy Workers Continue to Keep Lights on Across the Country

March 31, 2020

Energy workers nationwide, specifically Xcel Energy crews, are taking extra safety precautions in order to continue to maintain the critical infrastructure that keeps the lights on for customers across the country.

According to ABC News:

The government has designated the work they do as essential, including in states where stay at home orders are in place. The critical functions employees are performing are being done in accordance with public health directives from local, state and federal authorities.

Casey Meeks, Senior Director for Distribution Operations at Xcel in Amarillo, TX stated: “We are taking the threat of COVID-19 extremely seriously and doing all we can to protect our employees, customers and the public during this challenging time. Our men and women in the field are critical to our ability to maintain safe and reliable electricity service for our customers and communities.”

While many workers in the U.S. have been ordered to stay home and telecommute to combat the spread of COVID-19. America’s energy workers, considered essential personnel, continue to keep working in the field to keep households and hospitals across the country running.

We are thankful for the hardworking energy workers who continue to provide reliable and affordable energy to Americans nationwide – providing us with some sense of normalcy during this chaotic time.