America Needs Fossil Fuels to Fight the Coronavirus

America Needs Fossil Fuels to Fight the Coronavirus

April 13, 2020

Obviously, in times of crisis, idealism and ideology take a backseat to practical solutions. Right now, as we should, all of America is embracing the use of fossil fuels to help respond to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Daniel Markind recently wrote in Forbes:

In these unprecedented times, the world has returned to basic truths that manifest themselves when the price of ideology is too high. One of those involves fossil fuels. In an instant, sometimes without realizing it, the world has demanded fossil fuel products, and few concerns have been raised about their carbon footprint.

Fossil fuel products make up many of the surgical equipment and protective gear currently being used. Obviously, there has been no discussion of using less effective paper masks as an alternative – health is more important than an abstract potential change to the climate. This same logic is being applied at supermarkets, where single use plastic bags are being used instead of reusable ones that carry more germs.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the use of fossil fuels, however, has been the fact that we have the consistent energy supply that we need during this time to work remotely and to take care of our sick in the hospitals.

Without fossil fuels, America would have no chance of fighting this virus. Thankfully, President Trump has spent his time in office encouraging the natural gas and oil industry. Hopefully, when we recover from this outbreak and society returns to its normal state, we will all have a new, more full appreciation for what the energy industry does for America.