Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says Green New Deal Will Stop “Colonial Approach” To Vegetables

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says Green New Deal Will Stop “Colonial Approach” To Vegetables

May 23, 2019

Did you know that growing cauliflower in Manhattan is a form of “colonialism” that must be stopped?

According to freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, it’s simply terrible, and she says her “Green New Deal” will stop it.

Touring a vegetable garden earlier this week, Ocasio-Cortez blasted the “colonial” attitudes that are often seen in community gardens.

“What I love too is growing plants that are culturally familiar to the community. It’s so important,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “That is such a core component of the Green New Deal is having all of these projects make sense in a cultural context.”

Then, she got specific, attacking community gardens that don’t grow Yucca instead of cauliflower.

“But when you really think about it — when someone says that it’s ‘too hard’ to do a green space that grows Yucca instead of, I don’t know, cauliflower or something — what you’re doing is that you’re taking a colonial approach to environmentalism, and that is why a lot of communities of color get resistant to certain environmentalist movements because they come with the colonial lens on them,” she continued.

First of all, there are much better reasons people oppose environmental extremism, such as the hundreds of thousands of energy jobs they want to eliminate. It strains belief that minority communities oppose environmentalism because people grow cauliflower instead of yucca.

Second, and this is pretty important – you can’t simply grow yucca in Manhattan. As the Daily Mail explains, the yucca plant thrives in warmer climates.

This is yet another example of Ocasio-Cortez being high on rhetoric and low on facts.