Alaskans Should Choose Our Next Congressman Carefully

Alaskans Should Choose Our Next Congressman Carefully

May 23, 2022

Three weeks from now, Alaska will have completed the first round of voting, and a ‘final four’ of candidates to choose from will emerge from the 48-person free-for-all.  Once the names are announced – sometime after June 20th – a sprint to the August 16th ranked-choice final vote will occur.  That winner will attempt to fill the giant shoes of former Congressman Don Young – at least for a four-month period. 

Alaska’s next member of Congress will need to be ready to jump into the fray, with so many critical issues in front of them between now and the November elections.  They most likely will be campaigning themselves, as most politicos expect that the August winner will also be looking to run for the full two-year seat.

Inflation, the Southern Border crisis, supply-chain chaos and overt, hyper-politicization are important items Alaska’s lone Congressman (or woman) will need to be aware of, but the top priority – a way to make an immediate impact that voters can remember in November – is to fight back aggressively against the Biden Administration’s war on traditional energy.

Much like Congressman Young did throughout his legendary career, Alaska’s energy community needs to stay front and center of our Congressional representative’s priorities. With thousands of Alaska’s families already suffering from the delays, cancellations and obstructionist tactics thrown down by the Biden Administration, a concerted effort must be made to change things.

There are certainly those running who believe in a bright energy future for our state, and those who believe a rushed transition to less-stable, more-expensive forms of energy should be undertaken immediately.  The former understand that Alaska should be helping to drive American energy and supply-chain advances.  The latter will dim our future in the name of climate, wildlife and Mother Earth.

Regardless of who Alaskans choose to send to Washington, D.C., expect Power The Future to drive the energy conversation moving forward.  Alaskans deserve nothing less.