Alaskans Need Answers from Biden’s Nominees

Alaskans Need Answers from Biden’s Nominees

January 4, 2021

As we say goodbye to 2020, and with Joe Biden having named his environmental dream team of Secretary-designees, the time is now to really examine how the nominees’ historical actions and ingrained beliefs may shape the way they lead their respective agencies.

Especially in Alaska, with nearly 62% of the state’s lands being federally-owned and managed, a change in administrations will be tremendously impactful.

Last week, Alaska State Director Rick Whitbeck sent a letter to the Biden transition team, inquiring when Secretary-designees Deb Haaland (Interior) and Jennifer Granholm (Energy) and potential EPA Administrator Michael Regan had last visited Alaska. The complete letter is below. 

Why send the letter?  It stems from this premise: if those three nominated individuals haven’t spent time in the Great Land, and only know about Alaska from the Internet and white papers, how will they be able to effectively and knowingly manage its 225-million-plus acres?  Furthermore, if they haven’t been here to meet with Alaskans, how will they be able to ascertain how their plans and energy schemes will impact the population?

We’ll keep our readers informed if the Biden team replies.  In actuality, there is little chance they do so, for the simple reason they don’t care about the people in Alaska; only in the agenda they plan to inflict upon America these next four years.