Alaska’s Workers Deserve A Voice

Alaska’s Workers Deserve A Voice

June 24, 2019

Alaska’s North Slope has been in “Renaissance mode” recently, with continued developmental breakthroughs from the Prudhoe Bay and Kuparuk legacy fields, to new fields coming online through the majors and smaller companies like ENI and Oil Search.

While total production still hovers around 465,000 barrels per day from the Slope, the projects noted previously should push that number over 500,000 barrels soon.

An article in the Fairbanks Daily News Miner this morning highlighted the Department of
Interior’s Bureau of Land Management’s upcoming comment period (through July 22) pertaining to which lands should be available for oil leasing in the National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska (commonly known as NPR-A).

Continued interest by producers in federal land lease sales will be critical indicators of viability and future opportunities for jobs and state and federal revenues. With the last two lease sales having little response, BLM is looking to increase involvement.

Anti-development, environmental extremist organizations are already chiming in on the
proposed leases, with their latest feelings-based arguments focused on birds and wildlife
around the Teshekpuk Lake area.

However, we can expect to see them be just as aggressive in their tactics with the lease sales – promised by the Trump administration for later this year – in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Power The Future looks forward to hearing about significant NPR-A interest, and will be keeping an eye on the eco-extremists’ activities, in order to protect Alaska’s energy and resource development workers, their jobs and future opportunities to help create and continue America’s energy dominance.