A Tale of Two Headlines

A Tale of Two Headlines

June 25, 2018

Let’s compare two newspaper headlines from today. First one, from the Associated Press:

“Court Stay Halts Some Work on Mountain Valley Pipeline”

The Second, from an industry paper called World Pipelines:

“Oil Train Derails in Iowa, Spilling Crude into the River”

The compare-and-contrast between these two stories would make easy homework for any 8th grade student in Language Arts class. On the one hand, environmentalists will celebrate the cessation of pipeline construction. On the other, environmentalists will decry the oil spill and blame the energy industry. Won’t we have more spills from tankers if we keep stopping pipelines?

We cannot have it both ways. Power The Future will always stand with the hard working men and women in the energy industry, and we will fight when radical groups — mostly funded by Tom Steyer and other coastal elites — try to take their jobs and their livelihood. We will also call out the hypocrisy, the stupidity, and in this case, the absolute threat these groups pose to our nation.

There are ways to transport energy, just like there are ways to explore and produce it. And we cannot let these radical groups continue to push their agenda. Every time they “win”, we all lose.