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“The Trial of the Century”

Earlier this week, a three-week trial came to an end. It was being built up as the trial of...

December 13, 2019

New Yorkers, Beware Of Your Electric Bill$

New York State is looking to make a big investment in offshore wind projects.  It’s been reported that the...

November 15, 2019

Cuomo’s Pipeline Veto Backfires – Now He Is Shipping Natural Gas on Gas-Guzzling Trucks

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has a sordid history of letting his environmental ideology harm his constituents, but this...

October 21, 2019

GREEN DREAM: Another New York Utility Stops Natural Gas Hookups Thanks To Andrew Cuomo’s Eco-Extremism

In February, we told you how extreme eco-policies from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had caused natural gas moratoriums, making it...

July 25, 2019

Governor Andrew Cuomo Signs New York’s Own “Green New Deal” Into Law

The eco-left knows that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s federal “Green New Deal” has become a national laughingstock that is unlikely to...

July 19, 2019

Bill de Blasio Wants To Be Another Eco-Candidate – But He’s Just Another Hypocrite

Another day, another 2020 candidate announces a run for president. This time, it’s New York City Mayor Bill de...

May 16, 2019

Thanks To Andrew Cuomo’s Eco-Extremism, New York Is Importing Fuel From Russia

For eight years, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has capitulated to the eco-left. From preventing the construction of needed...

May 7, 2019

President Trump Planning Executive Order To Build Needed Pipeline In NY

People might not think much about pipelines, but they are integral to modern life. They allow the safe transportation...

April 9, 2019

Gas Shortages Plague New York And Extreme Environmental Policies Are To Blame

Thanks to American ingenuity and the determination of energy workers, Texas, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and other states are producing...

February 19, 2019